VIP Payment Plan

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cold, smooth & tasty. (1).png

VIP Payment Plan

270.00 every month for 10 months

Congratulations! VIP is definitely the package you will get the MOST value out of..

What you get:

  • (12) Audio Lessons released weekly to help chunk the information into bite size pieces designed to be UNDERSTANDABLE and build on top of the prior weeks. ($2,000 VALUE)

  • Facebook group support to keep you MOTIVATED, INSPIRED, and ACCOUNTABLE. ($500 VALUE)

  • Voxer Sisterhood groups for INSTANT support from the other women the moment you’re struggling. Also it’s a chance to be more intimate. These groups are only 4-5 people. I’ll also be involved in these. (Voxer is a texting and voice messaging app). ($1,000 VALUE)

  • (12) Weekly live Q&A session in the FB group: to dive deeper into each module & answer any questions you have. ($750 VALUE)

  • (8) Biweekly Group Coaching Calls. Each person gets 10-15 minutes focused solely on them to help you through whatever you’re trying to process. (1,000 VALUE)

  • (4) Break weeks to slow down, implement what we’re learning, catch up on the lessons, & have sisterhood calls!

  • (12) Weekly 1:1 coaching calls (45 minutes) to implement all that you’re learning SPECIFICALLY to YOU, work through self sabotage and fear, and help you process what’s going on in your life during the huge changes that will occur. ($1,500 VALUE)

  • Unlimited Voxer Support (M-F) voxer is a voice messaging & texting app. It’s perfect for those times you feel stuck, triggered, or are struggling at all - you can INSTANTLY reach out to me. It’s also for celebrating all your wins & aha moments! ($2,000 VALUE)

    Remember spots are limited and will sell out fast.

    VALUE = 8,750 // YOU PAY = 2,700