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I know you’re working hard on accepting the body you have now…

But what if I told you there’s another way?

That there’s MORE to life than putting all your energy into trying to “accept & love your body”.

Aren’t you tired of feeling confident as hell one day, then that bitch brain takes over & ruins your progress?

Don’t you want to understand your mind so well it no longer has control over you?

Are you ready to light a SPARK in you so big you fall head over heels in love with who you are & start living your most passionate life yet?!

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What if I told you… keeping the focus on “accepting” or “loving” your body isn’t going to help you as much as you think?

What if I told you… it’s possible to learn exactly how your mind works so your thoughts and emotions can’t control you anymore?

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Hi, I’m Amanda Jean.

I’m a Body Image Expert and Intuitive Life Coach.

I started this business after my own experience with hating my body almost my entire life & going through an eating disorder.

The framework I use is different than anyone else out there doing body image work.

I use a combination of neuroscience, psychology, body image, and intuitive/healing work.⁣

⁣The main things I teach are: Emotional & behavioral mastery, gaining full control over the negative voice in your head, healing your body image, & learning to live more intuitively and from your HEART, not your mind (can you say anxiety?!)

IN A NUTSHELL: You won’t be the same person after we’re done working together. I show you to rewire your brain to be an entirely different person. It’s not even possible for you to be the same.

I know you feel if you could just accept your body now, everything would be better. That life would be happier & you could move into that amazing fulfilling life waiting for you on the other side of body acceptance.

But can I tell you what you ACTUALLY want? Deep down inside?

To feel safe in your own life.

TO feel loved & desired.

To finally feel that for ONCE you are enough…

A fire lit so bright inside your heart nothing can bring you down.

To feel ALIVE. To be FREE.

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Hands down, this is your best option.

There’s no other program out there like this.

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Let’s get one thing straight…

this is NOT a program where you learn to “love your body”.

It’s about so much more.

This is about real, earth shattering, LIFE CHANGING inner transformation.

When you unleash your power… the body insecurities stop ruling your life.


Here’s how we’ll do it:

For my DIYers:

  • (12) Audio Lessons released weekly to help chunk the information into bite size pieces designed to be UNDERSTANDABLE and build on top of the prior weeks. ($2,000 VALUE)

  • Facebook group support to keep you MOTIVATED, INSPIRED, and ACCOUNTABLE. ($500 VALUE)

  • Voxer Sisterhood groups for INSTANT support from the other women the moment you’re struggling. Also it’s a chance to be more intimate. These groups are only 4-5 people. I’ll also be involved in these. (Voxer is a texting and voice messaging app). ($1,000 VALUE)

  • (8) Biweekly Group Coaching Calls. Each person gets 10-15 minutes focused solely on them to help you through whatever you’re trying to process. (1,000 VALUE)

  • (12) Weekly live Q&A session in the FB group: to dive deeper into each module & answer any questions you have. ($750 VALUE)

  • (4) Break weeks to slow down, implement what we’re learning, catch up on the lessons, & have sisterhood calls.


    You get this $5,250 value for only $1,350 (or 6 payments of $266).

BUT, if you’re like me and thrive with 1:1 support…

Let’s make you a V.I.P!

You get everything above PLUS:

  • (12) Weekly 1:1 coaching calls (45 minutes) to implement all that you’re learning SPECIFICALLY to YOU, work through self sabotage and fear, and help you process what’s going on in your life during the huge changes that will occur. ($1,500 VALUE)

  • Unlimited Voxer Support (M-F) voxer is a voice messaging & texting app. It’s perfect for those times you feel stuck, triggered, or are struggling at all - you can INSTANTLY reach out to me. It’s also for celebrating all your wins & aha moments! ($2,000 VALUE)


    You get this $8,750 value for only $2,400 (or 10 payments of $270).

    There are only 4 VIP spots…. reserve before they’re gone.

    They WILL sell out.

Program begins on Monday July 1st

There are only 7 of 10 spots left in this entire program.

This is the only chance to work with me until October.


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Here are your BONUSES in addition to the entire course!

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I know exactly how it feels to be stuck & defeated.

To know deep down in your SOUL there’s so much more to your life than being a prisoner to the voice in your head and feeling ashamed of the body that carries you around this world.

To watch & be inspired by the women on instagram loving their life no matter their weight, but wondering how YOU can embody that too.

I’ve made the information so easy & understandable. ANYONE can learn this stuff. You will leave with tools you can use forever & a fire lit inside you you’ve never felt before.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a high chance you’re exactly who this program was created for.

I know you’re probably scared shitless right now. I ALWAYS am before making a life changing decision like this. I’m there guiding you the entire way, there is NO way you can fail at this.

You basically only have two choices right now.

Keep living the way you are now, OR... Finally take the steps to change your entire life.

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Feel like you're too busy to commit? I’ve made it EASY for you.

  • Every week’s module is designed to take you no more than 2 - 3 hours. (YES - that’s right. Do you have 2-3 hours a week to invest in yourself?)

  • Break weeks implemented every 4 weeks that allow you to take a deep breath, catch up on any work you missed, and apply all you’re learning.

  • Audio modules so you can listen on the go while driving to work, getting ready, cooking dinner, etc.