my favorite videos 

These videos made a huge impact in my life when healing my relationship with food and myself. Don't miss out on them. 

make up chair video.png

In my chair

Eva DeVirgilis is a makeup artist who speaks about the women who sit in her chair, the things they say about themselves, and HER perspective on them. This is a very powerful video!

brene brown video.png

The Power of Vulnerability

One of the top viewed TED talks of all time. Brene Brown talks about a topic most of us are uncomfortable with and how bringing more vulnerability to our life is how we experience life's greatest joys.

ashley graham video.png

Plus-size? More like my size.

The stunning Ashley Graham, one of the top super models in the world, gives a 10 minute talk on finding love for yourself the way you are. 

mel robbins video.png

5 second rule

Mel Robbin's five minute video on how to retrain our brain on taking action when we don't feel like doing it or feel resistance. 

oprah video.png

Why you should put yourself first.

Iyanla Vanzant speaks about how it is not selfish to put yourself first. We cannot give to others to the extent that we sacrafice our own needs.