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You know how you sleep on the SAME side of the bed every night? 🌜⁣

Get out of bed, brush your teeth, & make your coffee the SAME way every day? ☕️ ⁣

Humans love PATTERNS..⚡️⚡️⁣

⁣We love consistency.⁣⁣

So much that we let it ✨HOLD US BACK✨ from stepping into the next version of yourself because it feels “foreign”.⁣

We have patterns of how we 👉🏼THINK, FEEL, & BEHAVE.⁣

They’re running your entire life.⁣

⁣they’re stored in your subconscious mind so most of the time you can’t see it on your own…

Until you UNCOVER & BREAK them - they will forever hold power over you.⁣

⁣Ever listen to a podcast & hear all these amazing tips on how to feel more comfortable in your body or how to help with negative self talk & feel all inspired and then.... NOT do any of it?!⁣

⁣You *KNOW* what you need to do, just can’t get yourself to do it! Or maybe you do for a few days but then “fall off the wagon”...⁣⁣



In this 60 min call we will DISCOVER your patterns, help identity WHERE they came from, & learn how to BREAK them for good.

cant wait to get started! 

You will NOT regret this & can use the information to break other patterns you discover later in life.

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