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Copy of General Membership $15

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This was created for those ladies who know they THRIVE 🔥 off having support but also don’t necessarily want to commit to the higher price 1:1 coaching.

This is the PERFECT happy medium.

What you get:

👉🏼A group of women always cheering you on in a group chat.

👉🏼Group coaching calls 2x/month

👉🏼THEMED months with specialized live trainings

👉🏼Journal prompts

👉🏼Inspiring & educational audio recordings

👉🏼Angel card pulls weekly

👉🏼And any other surprises I end up creating.

Can it get better??? YES, yes it can.

My VIPs 👑 get up to 50% any of my coaching calls, coaching/voxer packages, and free access to any master classes I run.


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