Teaching women to STOP letting their weight hold them back from living a beautiful life by merging the world of neuroscience & body image.


Hi! I'm Amanda Jean..

I created Rich Imperfections after going through my own battle with an eating disorder and body image struggles. Read more about my story here!

My mission is to make sure every woman feels empowered, comfortable in their body, & creates a life they fall in love with. (I know, sounds too good to be true BUT if I can do it, you can too).

I know how frustrating it is to follow all the anti-diet culture & #bopo accounts & still not understand how to love yourself.

I know how it feels to still have the negative self-talk take over even though you listen to all the self love podcasts.

You’re doing all the “right” things yet you can’t seem to be like the other girls who run around in bikinis like it’s no big deal shouting they love their body.

If this is you… you’ve come to the right place.

My work provides you with TANGIBLE steps backed by neuroscience you can take to gain control over your emotions and that bitch voice in your head, while ALSO adding in a mix of the soulful/intuitive work for the deeper healing from poor body image. Find out more here.


I know how hard it is to KNOW deep in your soul you can't keep living like this, but being SCARED to death to let go of dieting, the rules, and the control...

That's why I'm here - to support you every step of the way. I’ve been there myself and have helped many women find freedom.

I’d love to help YOU step into a life free from low self-esteem & body shame, and start falling in love with your life!

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