Bundle (one month)

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Copy of John C. Maxwell (3).png

Bundle (one month)


This package is for ONE MONTH of coaching through the Voxer app PLUS + four 60 minute calls.

Using voxer is an extremely easy and fast way to communicate on a daily basis. It works just like a walkie talkie but also has texting capabilities.

Things to know before we begin:

-I check the app 3-4x a day (10am, 2pm, 6pm, and sometimes around 9/10pm)

-During the week days I respond on that same day. On the weekends, for good reason, it may take me a little longer to reply. If I don’t get back to you on that same day, I definitely will on the next.

-DO NOT feel you could ever message me too much! I’m here to support you through ANYTHING, even if you feel it’s stupid or unimportant. Use this time to your advantage!

Can’t wait to begin working with you and see all the changes that are coming your way!

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