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HEAL the relationship with your body once and for all so you can eat the damn cookie & wear the bikini with ZERO shame?

Understand why every time you start feeling comfortable in your body your BITCH BRAIN comes in and messes it all up?

Dig deeper into the core of why you hated your body so you can actually LIVE your life instead of being ruled by anxiety & shame about your body?


A few years ago I was stuck. And I’m assuming if you’re here reading this… you are too.

I had given up dieting, wasn’t actively pursuing weight loss anymore & knew all the about the #bopo & self love world.

But somehow those thoughts about my body being disgusting kept creeping in. The mental chatter was out of control.

I was still comparing myself to other women, still beating myself up in my head, people still triggered me with their diet talk, & EVERY TIME I started making progress towards feeling good about myself.. I would sabotage & feel like I took 5 steps backwards.

I knew I WANTED to change, I WANTED to love myself & feel confident in my own skin - but my MIND & THOUGHTS couldn’t get on board.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s when I decided to learn everything I could on the human psyche and neuroscience.

I became obsessed with how the brain works so I could hack my own brain when that negative voice started talking & rewire my brain to become a completely different person.

This is the missing piece in the “self love” world. Not many people are teaching this extremely important part this journey.

I also incorporate the deeper healing & energetic piece into my work with clients.

Think neuroscience meets intuition.

It’s the perfect mix of tangible steps you can take to rewire your brain now PLUS the deeper healing work required to truly heal those core wounds forever.

This is YOUR time. No more living a small life. No more hiding. No more waiting for that “perfect” body to start falling in love with your life. I’m your biggest cheerleader and here for you EVERY step of the way. With the information I give you & proper guidance- YOU CANNOT FAIL.


Monthly coaching packages starting at $500

Don't quite get what coaching is? Here's what a coach does:

  • Help you discover the behavioral patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Help you work through resistance and self-sabotage so you can make and KEEP progress.

  • Offer support & guidance on issues you're currently facing, but they have already conquered.

  • Form a friendship & bond like no other - I’m notorious for becoming BEST FRIENDS with my clients!

  • Keep you accountable and moving FORWARD in this journey.

  • Help you become the strongest version of yourself possible.



Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist. I do not treat or cure eating disorders. Although I want to help EVERYONE, if you are currently struggling with a true eating disorder and just trying to survive everyday mentally, I highly suggest getting support from a licensed therapist who can best serve you!