Are you ready to....png
  • Finally heal from the painful past experiences that made you feel you weren’t good enough or worthy of being loved?

  • Understand your mind so well that your thoughts & that bitch voice in your head can never control you again!?

  • Learn WHY you do the things you do & learn how to live more intuitively & peaceful?


A few years ago I was stuck. And I’m assuming if you’re here reading this… you are too.

I had been on my “body & self love” journey for awhile. I was even doing Body Image Coaching, yet still felt like SOMETHING was missing. I still didn’t feel good enough & confident in who I was (which I thought would happen once I accepted my body)…

I felt there was something deeper. Something more I needed to heal. I wanted to feel FREE.

I have a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I started working with my first intuitive life coach & realized I had SO MANY deep wounds I needed to heal from. Ones I didn’t know were there. I also started learning to listen more to my intuition & my own heart’s guidance.

I started applying these lessons to my own Body Image Coaching practice I had for 2 years & started getting BEAUTIFUL results.

That’s when I realized my passion wasn’t helping women love their body… it was helping women HEAL & become the master over their own minds.

I use a unique mix of neuroscience, psychology, & energetic modalities to do this.

Think practical neuroscience meets woo-woo & intuition.

It’s the perfect mix of tangible steps you can take to rewire your brain now PLUS the deeper healing work required to truly heal those core wounds forever.

This is YOUR time. No more living a small life. No more hiding. No more waiting for that “perfect” time to start falling in love with your life. I’m your biggest cheerleader and here for you EVERY step of the way. With the information I give you & proper guidance- YOU CANNOT FAIL.


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Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist. Although I want to help EVERYONE, if you are currently struggling with mental health on a daily basis, I highly suggest getting support from a licensed therapist who can best serve you!