Stop wanting to like shit you hate.

Stop wanting to like shit you hate.

This is a question that has been on my mind lately:

Why do we live most of our life trying to do or like things we f*cking hate? And more importantly, why do we guilt ourselves if we don’t like or do said things?

Someone says we should wash our face every night, we should eat three meals a day, we should go to the gym 5-6 days a week, we should get 8 -10 hours of sleep a night, we should drink vodka soda’s because they’re “less calories”, we should  wait until after marriage to live together, we should

…you get where I’m going with this.

We are surrounded by television, commercials, celebrities, coaches, family members, social media, etc. All they do is tell us how we should behave. How we should want to do the things they’re doing. How if we don’t want to do these things then something is wrong with us. That we’re doing life wrong if we don’t WANT these things for ourselves.

Then we sit here feeling like crap and wonder why we can’t be normal or like everyone else.

I call bullshit.

I’m tired of being a victim to the rules of others. I want to live my life the way I want. I hate the gym setting so I’ll be damned if my happiness will suffer there five days a week because a magazine told me to go there.

I’m sick of drinking vodka sodas. I like margaritas better.

I’m sick of feeling like I won’t have a productive day because I only got six hours of sleep and I should have had 8.

I’m done.

We have to stop wanting to want the things that suck our soul away.

If you didn’t stick to that exercise program you bought off someone’s blog, maybe…JUST MAYBE, you’re not a failure. Maybe you’re not lazy.  Maybe…


Stop guilting yourself about everything you feel you should be interested in and start figuring out all the things you DO like. Start listening to your heart. Start finding your joy instead of letting guilt steal it.

I think the prime reason we want to want things that others want, is that we are human beings that survive off connection. We yearn to “belong”. In the old times, if you separated from your tribe, you were basically dead. If pre-mature infants don’t have skin to skin contact, they fail to thrive. We have to remember we are animals and it is a natural instinct to feel the need for connection.

Here’s the catch though, we can find connection in things we enjoy! IMAGINE THAT?

If sewing is your thing, I’m sure there are plenty of groups you can find online that love sewing too. That goes for basically every other hobby. You’ll be doing things you love, connecting with other people that love it, and feeling pretty freaking fulfilled.

So to end this rant, I’m just going to say this: I GIVE YOU (AND MYSELF) PERMISSION TO STOP DOING THINGS WE HATE.

Time to start living. Who's with me?!


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