Me, Myself, and Body Positivity

Me, Myself, and Body Positivity

There are a lot of versions of the Body Positive movement and I don't want to be thrown in the bucket with all of them. Although I fully support the Body Positive movement, I do not want to be considered a Body Positive activist. Why must we always have to label things and cling to one identity? I just want to myself, whatever category that falls into. 

There are amazing women out there representing the true definition of body positivity. With that said, there are plenty that are not. The term has been twisted, oversaturated, and abused for marketing purposes or by people who don't even know what Body Positive means. Body positivity has become more of a trend than what it was originally destined for. 

For those of you who don't know what Body Positive means, it is a political movement aimed to bring acceptance of ALL marginalized bodies to our world. To help people reach their highest potential, despite the way their body looks. I'm not expert on the movement but this is taken directly from their website

"The Be Body Positive Model provides people of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and socioeconomic levels with a whole-person, non-shaming approach to the mystery and miracle of living in a human body... Health, as defined in our model, recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and emotional needs in human beings. "

I'm not going to show you a before and after picture of me in a cute pose then of me hunched over showing my belly rolls. I'm not going to post pictures of my cellulite in close up view. I’m not going to post pictures half naked to prove I love myself. If I take a picture of myself and naturally my rolls or cellulite show, then that is what you get: Me, in my natural body, living life.  

I just want you to see someone who has struggled just like you. Someone who has been to the lowest of lows and has overcome everything to learn to love herself the way she is. Someone who understands exactly what you’re going through. Someone who just wants to share her life with you and show you it is possible to be happy and fulfilled no matter what shape your body is!

My posts will not be solely about body, food, and exercise. They will be about so much more. I want you to grow and expand your mind to places it’s never been. To realize you are so much more capable of things when you stop worrying about how you look. I want to inspire you to take charge of your life and leave all the body fuss behind.

I want you to be free.

We have to stop hyper-focusing on our bodies, whether that includes hating or loving your body.

NEWSFLASH: Even when we are learning to accept our bodies – we are still hyper-focusing on our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, that stage is extremely important. But eventually I want you to move away from that. The first thoughts when you wake up should be complete gratitude that you even woke up and how excited you are for your day. They should not be “is my stomach flat” or “I’m so disgusting for eating cake last night”. When we stay focused on our bodies, we can’t expand to the next level of thinking, which is where all the magic happens.

To wrap this up…

When I was going through my hardest times, there were a handful of women who inspired me so much they changed my life. They exposed their daily life, showed their authentic selves, and lived life to the fullest despite their body size. I just want to give back to others what they did for me.

Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope I will inspire you to start your journey to living a fulfilled happy and authentic life, despite the shape of your body!


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