Why your appearance doesn't matter

Why your appearance doesn't matter

Do you have any women in your life that you truly admire? Maybe you’re even a little envious of them?

There’s just something about them that draws you in, makes you want to be around them. It could be your mother, sister, friend, or just a coworker. Take a minute to think about one of them.

What is it that you admire?

Is it their confidence?

The way they laugh?

Their personality?

Their ability to cook?

The way they truly listen?

For me, the women I look up to most possess the following qualities; they go after their purpose in life despite being afraid, every time I’m around them I always end up feeling better, they can have a good time and laugh no matter what, and they’re genuine and down to earth.

Now think back to your chosen person, notice that you most likely look up to them no matter what they look like. I bet you don’t even notice what they look like when you’re around them because you enjoy their company so much!

Would you ever stop loving your grandmother because she gained 30 lbs? Would you still go to her house, spend hours talking to her, and eat her amazing dinners?

What about your mother; would you think any less of her if she had a crooked nose or teeth? What about if she was too tall? Too short?

Would you still keep your best friend if her stomach wasn’t flat? If her thighs rub together? If she didn't have the perfect tan?

I’m going to assume you would love them just the same, “flaws” and all.

Because here’s the thing… IT IS NEVER ABOUT HOW THEY LOOK.

It’s about how they make you feel when you’re around them. We want to be around people who make us feel good and bring out the best in us.

We yearn for authentic connection. We want to be around others that feel and think the same way as us. We need community. 

And you sit there wasting years and years of your precious life thinking that if only you had a flat stomach, a round butt, big boobs, different color eyes (or whatever else your heart desires)

…THEN you will be worthy of a happy life.

…THEN you will attract a partner that truly loves you.

…THEN you will have a shitload of friends.

…THEN you will get that promotion or dream job.

…THEN you will be confident and happy and obtain any other desires you think will come.


To actually think that the shape of your body does ANYTHING to affect your ability to have an amazing life is absolutely insane.

This is what society has brainwashed us into believing.

And then those brainwashed people create instagrams of their incredibly chiseled bodies, only post the most flattering pictures, and apply snapchat filters to all their selfies with the hashtag #WOKEUPLIKETHIS.

So next time you start getting down on yourself about how you look, remember all the amazing qualities of the woman you look up to. Remember that everything you love about her has NOTHING to do with what she looks like. And then remember, the same goes for you.

So be kind, honest, and loyal. Be a good friend and listening ear. Be a light to others. Don’t let anyone leave your presence without feeling better than when they first showed up. Be the change. Realize your worth.

And most importantly – stop setting life aside until you achieve the “perfect” body because in the end, that doesn't inspire others. That's not what our souls want to connect with, it's what our ego wants. Our souls want to be uplifted and happy. 


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