How to start accepting yourself, NOW.

People often ask me “How do I even start to accept myself”?

Well here’s the real question – WHY DO YOU NOT ACCEPT YOURSELF?

Maybe you’ve been made fun of, or have (or had) toxic people in your life who constantly bring you down, or you believe society’s message that you’re never good enough unless you buy their products or become a product of thinness, OR perhaps the biggest reason I believe is this:

You want to be like someone else.

You want her skin, her body, her laugh, her personality, her sense of humor, her clothes…

But guess what? Here’s a really harsh reality – you can NEVER be anyone else. No matter how hard you try to act or look like someone else, you will NEVER get there. Sure, you could get plastic surgery and try to mimic their look, but it’s inauthentic.

You will forever walk around in a shell of who you are NOT, and believe me, it will eat away at you.


Someone reached out to me on instagram recently and was saying she hated her body because she wasn’t tall like the other girls in her class. She felt they were more beautiful than her because of their height. So I said this, is it even physically possible for you to become taller? She replied with no. I told her this: then why let this steal your joy every day? Why choose to hate yourself over something you can NEVER change?

So let’s change the question;

What’s great about YOU?

What are you truly good at? What comes so natural to you that you don’t even realize you’re amazing at it? What have other people complimented you about? What nice thing would your best friend/partner/ mother/sister say about you?

Make a list.

There has to be ONE thing you like about yourself. Then add number two, and three. I did this when I first started making this transition and found that there was more about myself I liked then I actually thought, I just always focused on the negatives and what I didn’t have.

So I’ll leave you with this, and I hope you truly take it to heart:

The day you stop comparing yourself to other people is the day you reclaim your freedom.


If this resonated with you – comment with a YAASSSS and share with all your friends. Comparison is the thief of joy. Who is ready to start lovin’ on themself?!