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Hi! I'm Amanda Jean. A body image expert & self love coach.

Just like you.. I spent the majority of my life feeling uncomfortable in my body with my number one goal being to lose weight so I could finally be "beautiful". 

I have always been what people label as a "thicker girl". I’ve been told I have a pretty face. I’ve never quite felt like I fit in. I remember being 13 years old trying out Weight Watchers for the first time!

After spending most of my highschool years on diets, it eventually wasn't enough. In my late teens it turned into a combination of binging/purging and orthorexia.  

I reached a point where I couldn't do it anymore and didn't know where to turn. I couldn't tell my friends or family as I was too ashamed. I ended up reaching out to my doctor. She became extremely uncomfortable, handed me a prescription for an antidepressant, and sent me on my way. 

I knew that wasn't the answer. Something was missing. I needed support, not a pill. I needed a safe place to talk about everything. I needed someone who understood what was going on. I needed guidance. 

That's when I started doing my own research into the human psyche, eating disorders, neuroscience, and personal development. I got out of the deepest part of my eating disorder on my own. I still suffered with anxiety after that, which led me to therapy, where I discovered there is SO MUCH MORE to an eating disorder than the desire to be thin. 

That is why I'm here - to change the world one woman at a time! To offer support and guidance to the woman who just doesn’t understand how she can live an amazing & fulfilled life in the body she has now, but wants it more than anything.

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I promise you there’s a much bigger and better life out there for you that DOES NOT include weight loss and body shame!